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Protect your property rights

Ligonier Township has established NEW ZONING. Elected officials started from scratch. The Conservation Zones have been eliminated. You may find yourself living in an new agricultural zone that permits toxic chemicals, high pressure pipelines, compressor stations and other industrial practices right in the midst of your community. These activities will impact our air quality, the purity of our water and streams, our property values and the high quality of life we share in our beautiful Laurel Highlands.



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We need your financial support to cover the cost of advertising to inform the public on issues regarding unconventional gas drilling and other environmental issues.


We are a grassroots organization and we need your help. Learn more about how you can help us on our mission. It's as simple as being informed, expressing yourself, giving a donation or volunteering.

Our mission is to preserve the quality of life in the Ligonier Valley so that it remains a safe, healthy, and attractive place for living, working, recreation, and tourism, for now and for generations to come.

CPLV is a Not-for-Profit Organization

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